Seller said Jill was amazing through entire selling process

Jill was absolutely amazing throughout  our entire process!  Even though my house was not a million dollar home, I was treated like I was just as valuable as every other customer!

Customer:           Courtney Treu (Seller)    Agent:  JILL BATES

Address:              263 Canby #Street, Sheridan, WY              Company:           ERA Carroll Realty Co., Inc.

Transaction Close Date: August 25, 2017                Submit Date:      September 01, 2017


#1: How satisfied are you with your ERA real estate agent?

Very Satisfied


#2: How satisfied are you with ERA Company?

Very Satisfied


#4: I would recommend this ERA® agent to a friend or family member.


While we had a few unforeseen hiccups (not either of our faults), everything really went smooth overall!

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